Winner of a Best Shorts Competition Award of Excellence - Special MentionThe Universe is Chewing is the poetic exploration of the world in which we live and the dark unrelenting energy pushing the universe and everything in it forward. Narrated largely in verse, The Universe Is Chewing is a non-traditional love story centering around the mad unfolding of one particular night, in the life of one particular man, pushed to his limits, trying not to crack, and suddenly realizing that he is not the only one. From his beautiful but exhausted dancer girlfriend, to his heartbroken best friend, to the mad drunk he ends up driving home, he is quickly discovering that for reasons known only to the Universe, most of us seem to spend our lives, trying to survive the way we spend our lives.

Dynamic and non-conventional, The Universe is Chewing is the film adaptation of a poem, written and performed by acclaimed artist Steve Connell. Co-directed with Kristin Hanggi (Tony Nom for Rock of Ages) and co-starring Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars), The Universe is Chewing is a stunning film hybrid featuring a bold and original voice, a richly cinematic feel, and powerful performances that are both heartbreaking and humorous. Fusing elements of performance video and animation with a compelling narrative, this short film powerfully illustrates how just as we are alive within the universe, the universe is also alive inside us. As we fight for all that matters, all that matters fights for us, and somewhere in the space of that fight is where we spend our lives.